AllFlamerz Presents Kill Keem's Corner (Blog Written from behind bars) Blog #1

When I first spoke to Rocstar P about blogging he said Kill if that's what you want to do its all you. He told me he likes to keep All Flamers for Us, Philadelphia. He told me You're a product of your environment so no matter what the content is it would be from a Philadelphian's point of view. And with that being said, Thank you my brother for letting me show my intellectual side and give my point of view. They can lock my body but they can never trap my mind.

I wanted to ask a question to my peer's and young brothers and sisters out there. How many of you are registered to vote? How many of you ever voted before? I grew up during a time where it was like a stigma to go and vote. Let me know if you ever said "My vote doesn't mean anything...", " They don't do nothing for us so what does it matter?..." My answer may sound like a cliché but it means and matters about everything.

Do you see what's going on with the leader of the free world right now? But hey, we put em there so what does it matter? "But I didn't vote at all so I ain't put em no where...." But you didn't vote for anyone else to stop em from getting in office. When I was still in the society I voted whenever election time came around. More or so of Ms Crystal calling me the night before and making me go and vote the next day. I would go inside the booth and pull the Democratic lever. Even when I was on the road and out of town I would come back to Philly for a few hours and get my vote in. My first time voting I felt accomplished. I remember when I voted for President Obama and he won. I felt like I helped him get in.

Its your Right to go and vote so you should. Do you know how important it is to vote? They didn't even let us as Black people or females vote not to long ago. The minorities didn't have any say so on what was going on in this "Free World" we call America. This is what our predecessor's was fighting for during the civil rights era. And we just walk around reaping the benefits of their.

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