KEVIN HART - Before They Were Famous - BIOGRAPHY

Before They Were Famous Kevin Hart. Before Kevin won MTV's Comedic Genius award, the People's Choice Comedian award, and became a Hollywood star sharing the screen with The Rock, Will Ferrell, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dog. Kevin Hart was raised by his single mother in Philly, while his jailed, coke-addict father hung over their family like a dark cloud. Things were tough and money was tight, Kevin slept in a bunk bed in a hallway and would eat tuna and sardines from a can for dinner. He used humour to deal with his troubles early on but the funny man didn't consider trying comedy until after graduating from community college. When he did finally get up on stage he fell in love. Sadly, the audience didn't feel the same. With no signature style, and him being too afraid to talk about his own life experiences, Kevin went through years of getting booed off stage. But when he finally decided to open up and poke fun at himself and suddenly things started to click. I'm gonna take a page out of Kevin's book and point out the obvious – I'm Michael McCrudden and yes I do have one ugly ass pimple situation going on. I decided to wear this dope Camo jacket so you would be distracted. Here we go - documenting the life of Kevin Hart prior to fame, here for you on Before They Were Famous UPDATED. Now I've also covered a bunch of other comedians, Dave Chappelle, Key and Peele, but there are a lot of hilarious people out there so be sure to let me know who you'd like to hear about next.