For All The Philly Fans That Were Upset At Allen Iverson For Not Playing In The "Big3" Gam

Looks like Allen Iverson is following in Derrick Rose's footsteps.

Iverson went AWOL Sunday, failing to show up for his team's BIG3 game in Dallas. BIG3 officials said they were given no warning for Iverson's absence and are investigating the matter.

"We had no advance warning and do not have information as to all the circumstances surrounding his absence," the BIG3 said in a statement. "The league is launching an investigation to gather all the facts and then will make an informed, official statement."

Iverson is the BIG3's marquee name the league's biggest attraction. He serves as both a player and a coach for Three's Company.

Fellow Three's Company player DerMarr Johnson took over coaching duties in Iverson's absence.

Iverson has played sparingly so far in the three-on-three league's inaugural season, and previously disappointed fans earlier this month by not playing a single minute in his return to Philadelphia due to health concerns.

"A.I. not playing was disappointing to everybody, including myself," BIG3 co-creator Ice Cube said on Twitter after the game. "Doctors told him not to get out of bed and he came anyway. Sad but true."

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