Omillio Sparks Documentary Directed by Vaughn Tinsley

For a long time Philadelphia has had some of the best artist, we've had the Will Smiths, the Jill Scott's, the Roots, I mean the list could go on for a long time. One could say that when it comes to artist and talent, some of the most influential are made proudly out of Philly. One could also agree that this city known as the Brotherly Love has a certain swag that differentiates us from any other city. That attitude of arrogance with the unique demeanor completely defines this former Rocafella Record recording artist Kenny Johnson. For the first time ever, Sparks reveals his life story of growing up in Philadelphia to his journey being a father. As director Vaughn Tinsley unfolds stories in his third documentary film, he expressed "The Documentary of Omillio Sparks" how important this film is and how inspired he was to do it. "I've always been a fan of Omillio Sparks music growing up. Particularly because he rapped purposefully and the group (state property) was always together. To me this meant a lot about unity and also hope that if they could make it out of Philly then any of us could". Written and directed by Vaughn Tinsley.

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