Meek Mill Supporters Protest During The DNC To End His Probation ( Been On Probation For The Same Ca

A crowd recently gathered in Philly to protest the harsh probation sentence imposed upon their hometown hero, Meek Mill.

Meek Mill has been on probation throughout his rise to fame. He's been found guilty of violating the terms of his probation twice in the past two years, first in July 2014, earning him five months in jail, and then again at the end of last year, leading to a sentence of 90 days on house arrest. Both violations were a result of him performing shows in other states/countries without acquiring the necessary travel permits. Earlier this year, Meek revealed that he's been on probation since he was 18. He's now 29.

Many feel that Meek's probation is unfairly harming the MMG rapper's career, which he is obviously wholly dedicated to. Fans and protestors recently gathered in his hometown of Philly to call for the city's courts to put an end to his probation. They held signs with messages like "Stop Probation Abuse" and "End Meek's Probation Now." It's clear that the rally was fueled by wider indignation about the criminal justice system and its detrimental effects on minority communities.

When Meek revealed the circumstances of the arrest that has burdened him with over a decade of probation, he explained that the police had viciously beaten him, ripping out one of his braids and causing him to get stitches around both eyes. Despite his account of police brutality, it was Meek that was charged with assaulting a police officer, a conviction that he claims was fabricated by multiple cops. The suspected atrocity of the initial arrest is also behind the outrage surrounding his unremitting probation.

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