50 Cent Shows His Support To Rican Bull After His Surgery For The Same Injuries He Gotten After Bein

(Story From Monday, August 04, 2014)

WEST OAK LANE (WPVI) Philadelphia police have released updated information about an overnight shooting and car crash that began in West Oak Lane and ended in Cheltenham Township. Investigators now say a man drove a mile after he was shot in West Oak Lane, then collapsed and crashed his car in Cheltenham Township. The incident began at 3:00 a.m. Monday in the 7100 block of Georgian Road in West Oak Lane. Investigators say someone opened fire on a Ford Crown Victoria, hitting the car at least 10 times.

Police say a woman drove 17 blocks after she and a male passenger were shot several times while sitting in a car in West Oak Lane. (WPVI)

The driver, a 29-year-old man, was hit 7 times. A 25-year-old female passenger was hit once in the leg. Investigators say the woman got out of the car and collapsed on the road. The man sped away in the car and made it to the unit block of Cheltenham Avenue, where he crashed into several cars on the Cheltenham Township side of the road. Earlier, police told Action News it was the female shooting victim who drove 17 blocks from the scene after being shot. Both victims have been taken to Einstein Medical Center. The woman is now listed instable condition. The man is in critical condition. Investigators are working to determine who shot them and why.

Story Credit: 6ABCNews

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