Meek Mill Now Allowed To Drop Music On House Arrest (Under One Condition Tho)

This 90-day house arrest sentence Meek Mill is currently serving is starting to feel like it’s been dragging on forever.

As part of his sentencing, he has been prohibited from releasing new music, but it looks as though the judge has had a change of heart.

As reported, the judge is now allowing the rapper to release new music in order to allow him to “protect his brand,” but under one condition - it has to be released for free, under platforms such as YouTube or SoundCloud so he cannot make any money off of it during his sentence.

Meek Mill recently released a remix of Drake’s “Summer Sixteen,” (probably out of boredom) but at least now fans are rest assured it was legal.

Wonder what he will cook up next while he is stuck indoors, especially to "protect his brand."


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