Big Brody vs. Tyrone Fight (FULL FIGHT)[Commentary by Star & Gillie Da Kid!!] Special Guest Refe

Ladys and gentlemen the results are in and the decision has been made!! As we take you down recap lane the fight started off slowly with Tyrone not taking to many swings at his much larger opponent Big Brody. Big Brody saw early on that the much smaller Tyrone was no match for him as he caught him with a few Wam Bam thank you Mamms which brought Tyrone into the reality that IG star Big Brody didn't come to play. As the fight went on still early in the first round, one of Brodys gorilla punches connected and Tyrone went from Celebrity all out Jean Claude Van Damn Kicker boxer mode!! The fight was stopped as guest referee Tone Trump interveined which led to him being the target of Tyrone's Ryu/Ken roundhouse kicks. Press Play to see full video!!

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